Learning to become a successful real estate investor isn’t just about acquiring properties. You also have to learn how to sell or rent them quickly so you can make a profit. Don’t worry — the Wolff Couple can teach you everything you need to know! We have helped thousands of students across the country find success and make money, and we can’t wait to help you change your life too! In our last blog post, we introduced you to our Countertop Sales Force, the collection of flyers and paperwork that you should use at every open house. It gives potential buyers all the information they need, and it can help you close deals! Today, we’ll be going over the first piece of your Countertop Sales Force: the house marketing flyer.

Keep reading to learn how to craft a flyer that will help you find success and explore the Wolff Couple site for even more property investment advice! Bring home our proven real estate scripts by visiting the Wolff Shop, or, for a more hands-on approach, sign up for a live real estate workshop and learn everything we have to teach in person. We’re excited to help you achieve your dreams!

What to Include

Your house marketing flyer is going to be one of the centerpieces of your Countertop Sales Force. It’s designed to offer a potential buyer all the facts and details they need to get to know the property, as well as keep encourage them to contact you. To achieve those goals, there are a few things you need to include.

An Attractive Headline

Your house marketing flyer will be packed with great information, but first things first: you need to grab the homebuyer’s attention. In Bryan’s words, the headline of your flyer should be sexy and exciting! Choose your words carefully and make sure you format your flyer in a way that makes the headline stand out.

Unique Selling Propositions

Another way to get the attention of a potential buyer is to include unique selling propositions (USPs). Some examples include, “bad credit okay” or “no bank qualifying!” Your USPs should be designed to set you apart from other properties and sellers, as well as encourage someone to make the leap and put money down on the house right away!

Your Asking Price

Among the important information included in your flyer should be your asking price. You want potential buyers to clearly understand your expectations. It’s also a way to start to separate prospects from suspects and find people who are truly interested in buying the home!

Your Contact Information

Your contact information should be at the top and the bottom of the flyer. Make sure that your phone number is especially prominent, because it’s far better for a potential buyer to call you rather than visit your website. If they go straight to contacting you directly, you can turn that phone call into a closing call!

Pictures of the Property

The buyers visiting your property have probably toured dozens of other homes. One of the most important purposes of your house marketing flyer is to make it easier for them to remember a property they really liked. Including pictures of the home in your flyer is crucial to achieving that goal!

Features of the Property

Your flyer should, of course, include facts about the property. The important thing to remember when writing and formatting this section is to use bullet points! No big blocks of text are allowed here! If you write a novel in this part of your flyer, the buyer is simply not going read it, and they probably will miss a lot of important, relevant information. Documenting the features of the home in bullet points makes it easier to read and the information easier to absorb.

How to Display It

The house marketing flyer is one of the three materials in your Countertop Sales Force that should be displayed in a standing plastic holder. The number of flyers you should print will depend on a few factors, like the area you are selling in and your marketing and distribution numbers. As a general rule, however, you should print about 50 to 100 full-color flyers for your open house.

Learn More Today

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