About Us

The Wolff Couple’s Mission is Your Success!


The Wolffs have been top National Real Estate Speakers and Trainers for over 18 years. Brian and Lynette have done over 800 house deals in their 50+ years of combined experience in Real Estate. The Wolffs have trained hundreds of thousands of new and experienced investors all across America. They have a #1 Amazon Bestselling book, “The Flip Side of Flipping: the Easier Way to Real Estate Riches.”


Thousands of students use their materials to achieve their dreams through real estate. Brian and Lynette are renowned authorities on Cash Flow Pre-Funded Properties (Nothing Down Deals), Mentoring, Scripts, Virtual Investing, Private Money Brokering, Social Media Marketing, Acquisitionists, Automation and Organization, Negotiating, Checklists and Systems, Tech Tools, and so much more!


The Wolffs’ backgrounds make them uniquely qualified to train you how to get rich in Real Estate. Lynette and Brian are straight talkers originally from Minnesota. Lynette was a new home sales agent, and actually broke the record by selling 41 homes in one month! Brian was the Manager of a downtown mortgage office, and a Realtor as well. When the Wolffs moved into investing they quickly left those 6-figure jobs behind! They’ve now closed over 800 house deals, representing over $100,000,000 in market value. Their investing business thrives with the help of their 2 sons, Dashel and Cale, and their other Acquisitionists.


The Wolffs love Cash Flow Pre-Funded Properties for so many reasons. You can make big profits when you just know what to say, every month you have huge passive income, and with an Acquisitionist the business is done for you! The Wolffs have taught powerful events for years covering the exciting area of Cash Flow Properties. Lynette was already a master at selling nice homes, and Brian’s extensive experience in negotiating mortgages made him ideally suited for Pre-Funded Properties. As an extra bonus Brian had also written screenplays in Hollywood for 7 years, so he was perfect for creating all the effective and conversational Scripts needed to close these type of deals.


Since both Brian and Lynette previously managed offices and have run their own for 20 years, they’re especially qualified to teach you how to hire, train, and manage your own Acquisitionist. The day you make that hire will be one of the biggest “Level Ups” in your entire investing career. One of the Wolffs’ many nicknames is the “King & Queen of Automation and Delegation”, so make sure to follow their insider’s advice.


The Wolff Couple have trained so many top Investors and even current Mentors (their binder of testimonials is thicker than a phone book), that now students call them “Mentors to the Mentors.” Brian and Lynette would love to help YOU truly achieve your dreams too! Just call us at 888-Rich-Now or send us an email anytime!


All The Wolff Couple’s Greatest Training!


“What to Say & What to Do” System

The real estate script you need to make big money in your home market!


“Leads to Deeds” Bootcamp

Come to this intense four-day real estate workshop where the Wolffs close deals LIVE and teach you how to do it yourself!


Pretty House Power Pack

The System provides the exact Steps and Scripts you’ll use to start making money fast. 


The Acquisitionist System

No more Closing Calls or Deal Meetings? You can have it all done for you by your local Acquisitionist!