There is a lot to learn when you are new to real estate investor, from how to choose the right property to how to close a deal that will benefit both you and the seller. One of the tools in your investment toolbox is your REI bio. If you don’t know what an REI bio is, then you’ve come to the right place! The Wolff Couple is here to walk you through every step of becoming a successful real estate investor. We offer high-quality investment training DVDs and exciting live seminars open to everyone.

To give you a taste of what you can learn with the Wolff Couple, today’s post will outline the major points you should know when crafting and using your REI bio. Watch this week’s featured Wolff Bite to watch Brian Wolff’s character Jerome Nutley explain REI bios in a clip from Wolff/LeGrand Masterful Marketing system, and keep reading for a checklist of what you need to know. Order the Masterful Marketing system from the Wolff Shop today to get much more valuable real estate investment advice or sign up for a real estate workshop near you!

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What is an REI Bio?

If you are a brand new investor, then your REI bio is one of the first things you need to tackle when learning real estate investing 101. An REI bio is your real estate investor biography — it’s your story! Not your entire life story, but rather a two- to five-sentence explanation of who you are and your experience in real estate investment.

Goals of an REI Bio

You should craft you real estate investor biography with a purpose. You want potential sellers to get to know you and to trust you. To break it down, the Wolff Couple has four ways that you can build trust:

  • Demonstrate your stability with ties to the area
  • Show credibility or your trustworthy nature
  • Display real estate credibility
  • Be friendly and neighborly

You should craft your REI bio to hit those four points. If you are looking for more direction, keep an eye out for an upcoming post on how to write your bio and what details you should include. As always, you can contact the Wolff Couple if you have questions, and we can help you find the resources you need!

When to Share Your Bio

Your real estate investor biography may seem like a good introduction, but you should lead with it at the beginning of your closing call. As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, you want to begin a closing call with 30 seconds to a minute of relaxing small talk. Once you have established rapport with the seller, and discussed a few facts about the property, then you can transition into your biography. The Wolff Couple recommends that you talk about your background before discussing the offer for best results.

How to Follow Up

Now that the seller knows and trusts you, you can continue with the rest of the closing call. A good transition that you can use would be to say, “after looking at the house and the numbers, here’s how we would buy it…” Remember that the goal of a closing call is to work out the four Pretty House deal points – the purchase price, monthly payment, length of term, and down payment – and then schedule a deal meeting. If you’re unsure of what to say or you don’t quite have the confidence you need yet, the Wolff Couples have created real estate scripts that walk you through every step of the negotiation. Find them in the Wolff Shop today and then check out our blog series on preparing for a deal meeting.

Learn It All from the Wolff Couple

There is a lot you need to know to become a real estate investor, and the Wolff Couple can teach you everything. From creating an REI bio to negotiating the rest of the closing call, we are here to support you and give you the confidence to make thousands of dollars on that next deal! There are a lot of ways to learn. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly Wolff Bites packed with great tips, bring home our What to Do and What to Say system, sign up for a real estate workshop near you, or try all three! We can’t wait to help you make your dreams come true.