In the world of real estate investing, the deal meeting is your moment of truth. Making a good impression can help ensure your success, but if you are a new investor, there are a few easy-to-make mistakes that can torpedo the sale. The Wolff Couple has been helping investors like you become real estate professionals, make thousands of dollars, and achieve their dreams for almost 15 years, and in today’s featured Wolff Bite, Brian goes through his checklist of what you need to go into that deal meeting with poise and confidence. Watch the clip, read our break-down of all his great advice, and then sign up for a real estate seminar near you to get the Wolff Couple’s best tips in person!

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Your Deal Meeting Preparation Checklist

There are a few key things you need to make sure your deal meeting goes smoothly. Before you leave for your next appointment, go through this checklist. You will need:

  • An appropriate outfit
  • A well-groomed appearance
  • A clean, decent car
  • A high-quality portfolio
  • Professional business cards
  • Prepared paperwork

Keep reading to learn more about what goes into each item on this list and make a great first impression at your next deal meeting!

Dress Appropriately

Your appearance matters when you’re meeting a potential seller in real life. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately. That doesn’t mean that you should arrive in a suit, necessarily — take your cue from local realtors and mirror how they dress. In Phoenix, for example, realtors often dress more casually because of the heat, which means that if you wear a tie you might appear overly formal. On the other hand, you should not be arriving at these Pretty Houses in jeans and tennis shoes or loafers. You want to appear professional, and a nice pair of shoes is essential to that. Remember to also take care with your personal grooming routine, whether that means shaving, styling your hair, or whatever else you may need to look clean and polished.

Care for Your Car

When you pull up to that deal meeting, you better believe that seller is looking at your car. The kind of car you drive and its condition speaks not only to your credibility, but also your success. Your car needs to look cared for and well-maintained, which means that it is in decent condition, clean, and without rust. You don’t need to pull up in a fancy sports car to earn the seller’s respect, but you should consider borrowing or renting a car if your usual vehicle is an old, dirty beater.

Get a Professional Portfolio

Another important element in looking the part of a successful real estate investor – one of the most important elements – is having a quality portfolio case to hold your paperwork. You don’t want anything too bulky, like a full-size briefcase, but a legal-sized leather or vinyl portfolio can do a lot to add to your professional appeal. It simply needs to be big enough to hold the contracts you carry and made of a material other than tacky plastic. You should be able to find exactly what you need at a nearby office supply store.

Gather the Right Paperwork

Confidence is vital to a successful deal meeting, and nothing can boost your confidence in quite the same way as coming prepared with all the paperwork you might need. Use your new portfolio to hold your professional business cards and the buying folder of contracts. You should bring a typed contract with the terms you and the seller had agreed to over the phone, as well as a blank contract in case the seller wants to change parts of the deal. For more tips, look for another blog post on what to bring to a deal meeting and how to make sure you go home with a sale!

A good first impression is key to a successful deal meeting. When you arrive, make sure that the seller sees a well-dressed, well-groomed professional real estate investor in a clean car who has clearly come prepared. With this checklist from the Wolff Couple, you have the tips you need to ace that first impression. You can get even more advice on how to make money in real estate with our investment training systems and our live real estate seminars! Know exactly what to say and what to do with our proven real estate scripts and watch Brian and Lynette Wolff make deals on stage, right in front of you, by signing up for a real estate workshop near you today! Become part of the pack today!