Creative Financing Using Social Media


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Creative Financing with Social Media System

   The Wolffs are national authorities in Creative Financing Deals, having made millions themselves, and having trained hundreds of thousands of investors all across America for 17 years. Their #1 Amazon Bestseller is all about Creative Financing, and is filled with big-money testimonials from their grateful students! They want to help you make big money too with this cutting edge system, “Creative Financing with Social Media”. It’s filled with role-playing Videos, Audios, and all the Scripts and Checklists you need to succeed.

   The best way to find these great deals in today’s market is through Social Media, so the Wolffs will even give you a crash course on building your brand and finding hot leads online for Free! This is up-to-the-minute, “Must-Have” Training, being offered now at a discounted Introductory Price!

Virtual Investing

Now with what’s going on in the world, the Wolffs have a new, cutting-edge spin on their proven strategies — it’s VIRTUAL Investing! Now you can buy and sell homes in your own backyard, or in any state in America, all “contactless”! The Wolffs call these amazing Creative Financing transactions “Deals at a Distance”!

We’re doing this Combo package of both together.


Role-Playing VIDEOS and AUDIOS

“Creative Financing Now” Manual with Scripts

“What to Do” Manual with FORMS

“Creative Financing Calling Guide”

“Deal Meeting Guide”

Pre-loaded Script Tablet

“Deals at a Distance” Virtual Investing Guide

“Virtual 1-Hour Open House Guide”

Access to Contracts

Objection Answer Flashcards

Automation & Organization System

Real Estate Investing Dictionary

Virtual “Taking ACTION” 1-Day Workshop!

30-day Money-back Guarantee

90-Day Rebate Program


3 Consultation Calls

Creative Financing Basics, Virtual Investing Basics

Building Your Social Media Machine

Implementation of Systems and Scripts