“Leads to Deeds” Pretty House Workshop


Dates: TBA
Location: Phoenix, AZ

We want you to live the life of your dreams, and the decision before you right now will make all the difference. Our powerful 4-Day “Leads to Deeds” Pretty House Boot Camp is absolutely life changing! Please make the decision to join us.

The time is perfect to sign up for “Leads to Deeds”! The price is for 2 people, and you can bring 1 extra Guest for FREE. We’ve just had a rare opportunity open up, so we’re doing something extra special we’ve never done before!

Bring in leads, and take home pre-negotiated deals! The Wolffs’ can’t wait to see you there!

DISCLAIMER: “Leads to Deeds” is not a replacement for Ron LeGrand’s Quick Start School. It is continuing education. You should attend the Quick Start Real Estate School first to get the basic training to properly implement what you’ll learn at “Leads to Deeds”. Ron LeGrand asked us to create this event to focus on the key areas we don’t have enough time to cover at the Quick Start School, but are critical to your success.

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