“Social Media Marketing for FREE” System


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The #1 way to get hot leads in the market today is on the Internet! Facebook, Nextdoor, Instagram, Youtube, Zillow, Craigslist, OfferUp, and a few select more — when you master these, you have wealth at your fingertips.

Social Media Marketing is the tool of today (and the future) to find motivated Sellers and Buyers. That’s true for all businesses, and especially Real Estate Investing.

For years the amazing Wolff Couple has been teaching big audiences the top secrets to the main Social Media platforms. For years those same folks have been begging to get a Home Training System with those secrets, and all the rest of the precious instruction on how to source leads through the Internet.

Now the Wolffs have finally done it! Here is their incredibly comprehensive and easy-to-use System for Social Media Marketing! This shows you in simple steps how to get hot leads for FREE!

The Wolffs take you through all 12 main Social Media platforms that you’ll use to find motivated Sellers and Buyers. The Step-by-Step Manual takes you simply through the set-up and implementation stages. It’s written clearly with pictures and arrows so anyone can follow along.

To make it even easier (and more entertaining), Brian & Lynette also take you through the steps on VIDEO & AUDIO! You get instant online access to the Videos and Audios anytime and anywhere. That’s right, you can watch or listen on your smartphone wherever you are!

All the Marketing Ad Copy is provided in the Manual, and Messaging is so much more important than many realize. The Wolffs have been creating proven Ads for over 16 years, they know just the right words to capture Pretty House Sellers, Lease Purchase Buyers, Ugly House Sellers, Wholesale Buyers, whoever! They tailor the words for your exact target!

Livestreaming will be a driver of business in the future, it already is with the Wolffs’ Virtual Open Houses and more! They provide detailed Training on the 6 platforms you’ll use (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), how to get set up through Streamyard, and how to make “Going LIVE” pay off for you!

The Wolffs will also patiently guide you through the whole process on special Consulting Calls, so you’ll have plenty of time to ask any questions and get going right!

BONUSES:  – 2 30-minute Consultation Calls with the WOLFFS PERSONALLY

– Powerful “Smartphone Tips and Techniques” – $297 Value

– “Taking ACTION in Social Media” 1-Day Virtual Training     June 19, 8-5 pm PST


The Wolffs are eager to help you generate tons of hot leads and big Deals!

Their Mission is Your Success!