Real estate investing can be a daunting industry to enter, especially when there are so many skills, strategies, and vocabulary words to learn. The Wolff Couple is here to make it simple. We have been in the real estate business for 15 years, working alongside the legendary Ron LeGrand, and we have a big book of testimonials from thousands of students-turned-successful-real-estate-investors to tell you just how well our systems work! We are dedicated to helping everyone achieve their dreams, and in today’s real estate investing 101 lesson, we’ll be talking about REI bios.

We went over the basics of real estate investor (REI) biographies – REI bios – in our last blog post. If you are a beginner to real estate investing, start there! We discussed the objectives you should keep in mind when writing your bio, the best time to use your bio, and how you can transition into the rest of the closing call. Today, we’ll be taking a step back and behind-the-scenes to explain how to craft the best possible REI bio. Remember, the goals of your biography are to:

  • Demonstrate your stability with ties to the area
  • Show credibility or your trustworthy nature
  • Display real estate credibility
  • Be friendly and neighborly

But how, exactly, do you achieve those goals? Keep reading to learn what details you should use in your biography and how those details can help you reach your objectives.

What to Include in Your Bio

Your Ties to the Area

One of the best ways to build trust with a potential seller is to forge a personal connection with them and the area in which they live. Take some time to explain what ties you have to the area, such as how long you have lived here. It’s especially effective if you can explain your connection to the area where the property is located.

Your Regular Job

Mentioning your “daytime” job – or perhaps the job you worked before becoming a full-time investor – can help you seem nicer, more credible, and more trustworthy. Many people have positive feelings associated with teachers or nurses, for example, so mentioning that you have worked in such positions can add to your trustworthiness. If you are a pilot or an engineer, those are also impressive jobs that can help build your credibility with the seller. You don’t have to go into detail, but mentioning the industry or location of your job can help you connect with the person on the other end of the phone, especially if you have worked somewhere near their property.

Your Real Estate Credentials

As we mentioned, you want to establish your credibility as a real estate investor. If you are new to the job, that’s okay! You can calculate your experience from the date you bought your first house, and tell the seller, “I’ve been in the real estate business for 20 years!”

Your Connections to the Professionals

If you have trained with the Wolff Couple and Ron LeGrand, whether you invested in our DVDs or attended a live seminar, you have worked with the pros! You can tell sellers, “I’m with a group that has been doing these kinds of deals for more than 30 years.” This point can work in your favor, or it can raise even more questions, so try to gauge how the seller might react.

A Strong, Friendly Finish

Wrap up your REI bio with something that will make you seem kind and neighborly, like, “I really like working with sellers and homebuyers in this area! We can usually work out great win-win deals.”

It may seem like a lot to include, but remember, your biography should only be a few sentences long. Practice reciting your biography out loud before you jump on a closing call, and try to keep it under 15 seconds long. It can be longer, but try to only make an exception if you have something really exciting and unbelievable to share, like the fact that you were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. If you haven’t won any international awards, then it’s better to keep your spiel short and get right to the deal!

Learn More with the Wolff Couple

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