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$50,000 Thanks to Wolffs! –Brandy S. Houston, Texas

$30,000, No Money Down, No Credit! –Kevin M. Arlington, Washington

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20 Deals, New House, & A Range Rover! –Marie A. Corona, California

4 Houses in First 2 Weeks! –Mike B. Chandler, Arizona

Love System, $13,036 on 1st Deal! –Grateful Students, Greg B., Eric G., and Brian R. Glen Allen, Virginia

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8 Deals in 7 Months! –Jon D. Leechburg, Pennsylvania

Wolffs Made $120,822 Check Possible! –Matt & Kristine S. Williamsport, Maryland

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The Bible for Serious Investors –Dennis Quattlebaum, Financial Freedom Network President Atlanta, Georgia

$38,000 Because of the Wolffs! –Ford P. & Catherine D. Wilmington, North Carolina

Over $100,000 Profit in 2 Months! –Duane K. Houston, Texas

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Wolff System Saved His Life! –Victor L. Visalia, California

The Wolff Couple LIVE!

Life-Changing Event –Emma N. New York, New York

Closed 1st Deal During Wolffs’ Seminar! –John M. Mars, Pennsylvania

In the Fast Lane to Dreams! –Patrick C. Cincinnati, Ohio

Get Ready to Make Good Money! –Ronald J. W. Springfield, Ohio

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Wolffs Stress Integrity –Grant M. Tijeras, New Mexico

Real Estate Board Member Loves Wolffs’ Integrity –Dee R. Columbus, Ohio

Great Enthusiasm and Integrity –Patrick C. Cincinnati, Ohio

Enthusiasm & Attitude Are Contagious! –R. Michael B. San Francisco, California

Thanks for Your Enthusiasm, Passion, & Skill –Ford P. & Catherine D. Wilmington, North Carolina

Inspired by Enthusiasm & Faith! –Joey P. White House, Tennessee


“25 Years Of Magic Words™”

The Wolffs take over 25 Years of Magic Words™, stick them all into one system, and make them so easy to get to! What I say in this system is exactly what I say and do in the real world. We created not just what to say, but we also did a lot of training on the how and the why to say it. That’s worth its weight in gold! Read more ““25 Years Of Magic Words™””

“Scripts + Coaching = $20,000 Profit”

Your system helped us to learn and practice scripts for seller calls. Thank you for your help in the coaching as well. Because of you, we’re closing our first deal with a profit of $20,000! Read more ““Scripts + Coaching = $20,000 Profit””

“What They Needed To Make $27,410!”

Your System was just what we needed to propel us to our very 1st deal! Your DVDs, scripts, and objection answers proved invaluable when fielding over 150 calls from buyers. They allowed us to sound like seasoned pro’s on the phone, and we ended up making $27,410! They also enabled us to establish a great “buyer’s list” for future deals! Read more ““What They Needed To Make $27,410!””

“Knowing “What To Say” Makes It Work!”

Absolutely unbelievable!!! We talked with a seller with the help of your scripts, and they agreed to deed us their house! The second couple that stopped by bought it-LOVE those selling scripts! Knowing what to say and how to say it makes all the difference! Absolutely believable, this really works!!! Read more ““Knowing “What To Say” Makes It Work!””

“Life Of Luxury In Hawaii”

Your system has made our business run so automatically. We’ve already made tens of thousands of dollars. Thank you for putting together such a professional, fun, much-needed system! Read more ““Life Of Luxury In Hawaii””

“Closing Deals In California!”

You have no idea how excited we are! Your scripts are phenomenal, VERY valuable (especially for me with no sales experience). We watched your DVDs, read through your materials, followed your planning guidelines, and now we’re well on our way. We’ve already got 2 deals lined up to close next week! Read more ““Closing Deals In California!””

“Did 5 Deals And Quit Nine-To-Five Job!”

I’ve attended many other seminars and NONE offer a system to plug you in to get your business started. You already did the daunting part for us! You keep us on the cutting edge. Now we’ve done 5 deals and I quit my job! THANK YOU! Read more ““Did 5 Deals And Quit Nine-To-Five Job!””

“Two $20,000+ Deals In 35 Days!”

We were so excited after seeing you guys. I watched your interactive DVDs to get ready for the calls, and my partner listened to your CDs while out driving around. Within 30 days we got our first check for $20,475! In a few more days we got our next deal with a profit of $24,300! You guys ROCK Read more ““Two $20,000+ Deals In 35 Days!””

“Called Family, Shared $30,000 Success!”

I called all my family members to share with them how I had a great and successful day doing a “Subject To” deal. I took ownership of a $225,000 house with NO MONEY out of my pocket and without signing my name on the death line! My profit is over $30,000! It’s thanks to you and your great idea to put together the script manuals and make it so easy to understand Read more ““Called Family, Shared $30,000 Success!””

“Pastor Dave Loves The Wolffs!”

Thank you for all your encouragement and help. I really appreciate the time you spent to coach me. Even more, I delight in your warm friendship and positive life-style. Your genuine concern for all the people your lives touch is inspiring. You thrill me! Thanks so much, I love you both Read more ““Pastor Dave Loves The Wolffs!””

“$180,000 Profit So Fast!”

As a result of training my staff with the Wolffs’ systems, in just the last 3 months we have done 6 deals with a total profit of $180,000! Read more ““$180,000 Profit So Fast!””

“LIVE Call Nets $40,000!”

We’re so glad you called our seller LIVE at the seminar, and the entire class was able to hear the benefits of your scripts. You closed a deal for us that we’ll make over $40,000 on. We had a lot of fellow students come up to us afterwards to ask us about your system, and we told them how it has helped us tremendously Read more ““LIVE Call Nets $40,000!””

“Others Can Do It Too!”

I can hardly believe it, but I did it! I bought my first house, and I sold it to a wholesaler to make my first profit from your system! Your “Daily Action Planner” really helped me get started. I come from the lending business and always wanted to get on the other side and actually invest. Thank you so much for helping me take that first step. I would love to let other people know it can be done Read more ““Others Can Do It Too!””

“Easier Than He Thought Possible!”

I just made over $10,000 on a deal, and my buyer is thrilled because the home has a 4-car garage which will hold all his tools. Your scripts gave me all the tools I needed to make the seller feel comfortable. The deal went much easier than I thought possible! Read more ““Easier Than He Thought Possible!””

“$20,000 Sends Them Soaring!”

We’re “Soaring in Saint Louis!” We got your message, Take Action! Is it working? Yes! We already did a pre-foreclosure deal with a net profit of over $20,000! We have a lot more deals working. We got over 70 Buyer calls, so we already have a good “Buyer’s List” too. Sincerely, A great father-daughter team Read more ““$20,000 Sends Them Soaring!””

“Love System, $13,036 On 1st Deal!”

Grateful Students, Greg B., Eric G., and Brian R. Glen Allen, Virginia Read more ““Love System, $13,036 On 1st Deal!””

“The Wolffs Have Put Me In The Fast Lane To Reaching My Dreams!”

WOW! The Wolffs teach with such enthusiasm and integrity. People can connect with and relate to them very easily. My knowledge and confidence have exploded! They made me feel excited, empowered, confident, and safe. The Wolffs have put me in the fast lane to reaching my dreams! Read more ““The Wolffs Have Put Me In The Fast Lane To Reaching My Dreams!””

“The Numbers Bear This Out — The Wolffs’ Closing Ratio Was An Amazing 92%!”

I want to congratulate the Wolffs on a job Very Well Done. They are a great team and surpassed all that I had heard about them and their enthusiastic presentation. It was a great mix of teaching with the proper amount of closing time. The numbers bear this out — The Wolffs’ closing ratio was an amazing 92%! Read more ““The Numbers Bear This Out — The Wolffs’ Closing Ratio Was An Amazing 92%!””

“I’ve Always Enjoyed Brian And Lynette And Working With Them Is An Absolute Pleasure!”

Brian & Lynette put on such a fantastic event for our members! Our members went on and on about how pleased they were with the content, presentation, price, and what they learned! They just keep thanking me and telling me how happy they were that we brought in the Wolffs. I was every bit as impressed as I thought I would be and so much more! Lynette and Brian are such fun to work with and they Read more ““I’ve Always Enjoyed Brian And Lynette And Working With Them Is An Absolute Pleasure!””

“We Recommend The Wolffs To Anyone Who Is Really Serious About Making Money In Real Estate.”

We run a large group of motivated investors, from very new to very advanced. We always get the top speakers, but the Wolffs are truly something else. They are the best entertainers we have ever seen in this business. There’s just nothing else out there like their incredible script systems! The interactive DVDs alone, not to mention partnering with Ron LeGrand, put their materials head and shoulder Read more ““We Recommend The Wolffs To Anyone Who Is Really Serious About Making Money In Real Estate.””

“Brian And Lynette Are Truly Amazing!”

Brian and Lynette are truly amazing! They are the whole package. My members were so delighted and learned so much from them. The Wolffs have the most cutting edge presentation and systems we have ever seen! We’re so excited, they’re coming back to speak to us again next month! Read more ““Brian And Lynette Are Truly Amazing!””

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