Every real estate investment deal takes time. If you have learned from the Wolff Couple before, then you know that we like to help you structure your time and give it value to help you get those deals. For instance, if you follow our $30,000 in 30 days program, then you know that the fastest path to success includes spending at least two or three hours a day talking to homeowners and generating leads. The most valuable time you will ever spend, however, is the time you spend on that closing call, especially the first 30 seconds or so where you build rapport with the seller. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing why closing calls and building rapport is so important. You can watch this week’s featured clip to hear from Brian and Lynette Wolff themselves or read on to learn more!

Do you have trouble connecting with clients? Do your closing calls tend to fall flat? The Wolff Couple is here to help. Alongside our long-time partner Ron LeGrand, we created the What to Say and What to Do system, packed with all the property investment advice and real estate scripts you need to start making money in real estate. It’s what we all wished we had when we were first learning how to become real estate investors! You can also sign up for a real estate workshop near you! The Wolff Couple is famous for making closing calls LIVE using leads from the audience, and if we make the deal, you make money. Contact us today to learn more or register for an upcoming seminar today!

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The Closing Call is Key

The closing call is the most important 10–20 minutes you will spend on any deal. That’s why the Wolff Couple spends so much time training you to make your closing calls great! We offer tons of resources to help you improve. Our What to Say and What to Do system comes with real estate scripts for you to follow, and if you attend one of our workshops, you can see us use them in real time with real clients! If you can’t wait for a real estate seminar near you, you can watch clips of the closing calls we’ve made at previous workshops on our YouTube channel! You can also subscribe to our channel and check out our blog for even more great, money-making advice. Great closing calls

are the key to success — learn from the professionals and you can start making thousands!

Why Building Rapport is Important

The most essential part of a closing call is the time that you take to build rapport with the homeowner. Those first 30 seconds to a minute of conversation are your opportunity to win their trust and get them on your side. Depending on how you came upon this lead, you might be a complete stranger to this person — a faceless, mysterious investor. You need to establish a connection with them, find common ground, and afterwards they will see you more like a friend than a stranger.

Learn from the Best

Perfect your closing call technique with help from “the mentors to the mentors.” The Wolff Couple has helped thousands of students across the country become successful real estate investors, and you can see the proof in their long list of testimonials! Bring home our proven real estate scripts by ordering them from the Wolff Shop today and get live, in-person insight by signing up for a real estate workshop near you. If you bring us a lead for our session of live closing calls, we may make the deal for you! Find success in real estate investment and achieve your dreams. Contact the Wolff Couple today to get started!